A Grateful Heart is a Healthy Heart

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the woes of the world, but simple acts of grateful behavior can actually improve your health! Gratitude is active. As humans, it is natural to be skeptical, fearful, and careful, those emotions protect us and keep us safe. Gratitude takes time and intentionality, but it is worth it.

The American Heart Association will tell you that there have been countless studies that demonstrate how finding the time to be grateful can positively affect your health. https://www.heart.org/en/healthy-living/healthy-lifestyle/mental-health-and-wellbeing/thankfulness-how-gratitude-can-help-your-health

Take a minute, a few times a day, and shut out the protective negativity that we, often, no longer need. There are many ways to take action to aid in your health. Exercise, clean eating, quitting toxic habits, proactive healthcare, take time and a lot of effort, and those giant steps will truly change your life. But also, try adding gratitude. Just a minute each day.

It doesn’t even have to be big things. Be thankful for the sunshine. Or that we finally got rain. Pay attention to laughter. Seek joy.

We often post about smiling more.

We mean it.

Smile more.

It’s good for your heart.

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