Exercise Stress Test

Exercise Stress Test


An exercise stress test helps Dr. Nelson learn about out how well your heart handles work. As your body works harder during the test, it requires more oxygen, so the heart must pump more blood. The test can show if the blood supply is reduced in the arteries that supply the heart.

During the test you will be hooked up to equipment to monitor the heart, similar to an EKG. Then you will begin by walking slowly in place on a treadmill. The speed of the treadmill will increase to a faster pace and the treadmill is tilted to produce the effect of going up a small hill. Afterwards you will sit or lie down to have your heart and blood pressure checked.

Heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.

Healthy people who take the test are at very little risk. It’s about the same as if they walk fast or jog up a big hill.

Depending on the results of the exercise stress test, Dr. Nelson may recommend more tests such as a nuclear stress test or cardiac catheterization.

Angela Carr Ghoreishi

Love Dr Michael Nelson and his staff! I visited him for medical clearance for surgery. I had a stress test, and have been back for annual preventive check-ups. I am confident in them and know I have excellent healthcare guidance. I referred a friend, and she was also pleased and happy with them. I recommend them very strongly! Dr Nelson is definitely a doctor who cares! Thank you!


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